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Your Window Cleaning Service Specialists

Although being a newly established business ThermoPureH2O are associated with a high level of quality and professionalism. We take great pride in the work we carry out with the aim to leave each individual customer thoroughly impressed with the work we complete.  We are fully insured, this should be paramount to you as if any should go wrong it will be fixed very easily. Our insurance fully covers fascias, soffits,  glass damage, gutters, solar panels and conservatories. We differ from other window  cleaning companies by cleaning all windows with de-ionised heated water to remove any tough patches of dirt or grime and any left over residue. Any left over dirt or grime is likely to attract another build up soon, but by using hot water all residue, dirt and water marks are NO MORE! The use of heated water is highly inconsistent between other companies, however we believe the difference is considerable and we strive to provide the best service we can. Your windows are guaranteed to stay cleaner for much longer than being cleaned by the traditional method. We also make sure all staff are trained to the highest standard and without the use of ladders, all work is made easier, quicker and it significantly lowers the chances of an accident. That's why we are sure  you should definitely choose us!

We also are members of the FWC meaning we are a professional business and have been approved by the governing body of window cleaning. This is a huge deal for ourselves and should also be for our customers as it means our work is to a professional standard and we are also the only window cleaners in Burnham On Sea and surrounding areas with this great badge behind them. We can provide any evidence of this needed but do not want to post on here to prevent any fraudulent activity.