Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Vacuum in Burnham-On-Sea and the southwest. We are professionals and have experience with using this specialised equipment.

This equipment is perfect for conservatory roofs, or roofs themselves. We also have numerous adapters and connectors to clear stubborn dirt or reach those hard to access areas. 

Pay a small amount of money now and prevent yourself having to shell out in the future from damp and water intrusion.

This is the latest model of the sky vac, a gutter cleaning vacuum. We have poles that can clean gutters up to 10 metres verticle or reach guttering over any tough overhangs. We are the fairest priced company for gutter cleaning in Burnham-On-Sea and use the best equipment so there is no reason not to choose us. We have worked on hundreds of homes since we started our own company and none have been left dissatisfied, making us one of the most prompt and reliable window cleaners locally.